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Change only starts inside your mind

This was one of the take-home messages of motivational speaker, ultra runner and pro adventurer Jukka Viljanen, who spoke in an educational seminar today in Hämeenlinna UAS. Jukka is living proof that life change can happen. A former business exec wanted to do something different, and ended up as a pro runner - in his 40s.

"It's about you and your beliefs", he said - the power of the mind must not be forgotten. "Life change requires a change in your thinking. Success is about believing in yourself, not giving in to doubt and choosing not to hear other people doubting and downplaying your dreams." This is a powerful message from a guy who ran across the Sahara desert, being the first to do so.

No-one thought it could be done. "Dreams do nothing for you", he said. "It's only when you choose to act on your dreams when something really happens." One needs to visualize the goals, make them clear. One needs to accept the risk involved.

But more than anything, one must fail first. "My Sahara run would never have happened, if I hadn't tried and failed in the Kalahari desert first", Jukka said. It's about persistence. A  motto of the day: "a no today is a yes tomorrow".

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