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Flash diy - Modding a Minolta 5400HS for DSLRs

I recently bought a 90s Minolta flash (5400HS) off an auction for only a couple of euros. The flash is pretty powerful with a GN of 54, and could sync wirelessly with the older film bodies. Although the flash works nicely in manual mode with my radio triggers, there are situations where you don't want to carry all of that gear with you, or worry about exposure.

Now there is an adapter board available for this strobe that will enable ADI, wireless, and high speed sync (=HSS, although not wireless HSS) on Sony DSLRs. I have just this morning successfully installed the mod inside the flash. The operation took about an hour, and was only moderately difficult even for someone not really proficient in soldering. The adapter board is this one:

The mod requires taking the shoe apart and some soldering. Some patience is required, a steady hand, as well as a small solder tip. A wire stripper is useful (although teeth will also work) and tweezers are useful for pulling out the smallish connectors. Other than that, the job is pretty straightforward. It helps to have large prints of the installation instructions at hand.

Overall cost was about 60 euros, when the closest current model (Sony hvl-f56am; which is really a rebadged Minolta 5600HS(D)), costs about 440 euros.

I have no affiliation with the seller other than being a customer.
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